Founded in 1984 by some of the most pioneering women in the Philadelphia food scene, our chapter continues to bring together a diverse group of award-winning chefs, restaurateurs, winemakers, writers, food artisans, and many other culinary professionals. 

Les Dames Philadelphia by the Numbers:

  • Years Established  33
  • Number of Members 87
  • Business Owners 43%
  • Chefs 40%
  • Food Writers & Cookbook Authors 25%
  • Educators 25%
  • Nutritionists and Dietitians 15%
  • Special Events and Hospitality 15%
  • Wine and Beverage 10%



Adrienne Abramson
Susan Adams
Stefanie Angstadt
Charlotte-Ann Albertson
Maryann Baldassarre
Donna Barnett
Claire Boasi
Angelina Branca
Cathy Branciaroli
Tina Breslow
Angela Brown
Lynn Buono
Lisa Calvo
Laurissa Cardenas
Janet Chrzan
Rita Cinelli
Barbara Coia
Lila Colello
Valarie Costanzo
Fran Costigan
Tracey Deschaine
Natanya DiBona
Claire Dilullo
Sandra Dych
Mariella Esposito
Lynne Farrington
Keri Fisher
Susanna Foo
Linda Forristal

Marie Fritz
Kathy Gold
Norma Gottlieb
Kimberly Graziano
Aliza Green
Mary Green
Michele Haines
Pamela Horowitz
Erika Jurden
Jacquie Peccina Kelly
Gordana Kostovski
Dorothy Koteski
Nongyao "Moon" Krapugthong
Tina Krinsky
Margaret Kuo
Michele Leff
Alice Leung
Jennifer Lindner
Linda Lipsky
Zoë Lukas
Stormy Lundy
Joy Manning
Marisa McClellan
Jeanne McDermott
Esther McManus
Nancy Miller
Kelly Morrison
Nancy Morozin
Donna Mueller
Patricia Nogar
Charlene Nolan
Liana Ottaviani
Basia Pearson
Marcia Pelchat
Victoria Pohl
Manette Richardson
Lari Robling
Yolanta Roman
Judy Rusignuolo
Jamie Schler
Elizabeth Schmitt
Deanna Segrave-Daly
Irene Silver
Anupy Singla
Lee Smith
Marie Stecher
Deb Streeter-Davitt
Jeanie Subach
Lauren Swann
Christina Sygnecki
Eileen Talanian
Anney Thomas
Rosemary Trout
Patricia Ward
Jill Weber
Carolyn Worthington
Shelby Zitelman